Crypto Miner Fan Replacement

What to do when you’re not hashing anymore, a very frustrating but often simple problem to fix. I’ve put together a quick cheat sheet of common problems that stop the hashing but for today we’ll focus on bad fans.

Bad fans (attached to the miners) are rarely a catastrophic failure, as any reputable miner will shut down the hashing automatically for these failures, however some aftermarket firmware allows you to bypass this safety mechanism. Having nearly lost a miner to overheating through thermal runaway I will advocate never bypass them. Even if you have an external duct van venting your unit I would still (and I practice as I preach) leave the stock fan in and running. They will run at a much lower speed in general, if using an external duct fan, so their noise level will be minimal and the lifespan much greater.

Now what to do if you’re not hashing? Here’s a quick and simple video showing the diagnosing of a fan issue and how to locate the bad fan.