S17/S17 Pro Firmware Options

The supposed “dog” of the crypto miners still has a lot of fight left in them. When I first looked at getting the S17 I read a lot of negative reviews, and there were/are issues with them, however there’s also a lot of greatness (and profitability) in these miners. The first point I looked at was cost per TH. The S17 Pro 59TH units I got were roughly $45 per TH. If I compared that to other SHA256 miners it sits near the bottom cost wise (S9 is ~$40-45 and S19 is ~$90-100), that’s good enough for me!

S17 Pro 59TH

  • Cost – $45 per TH
  • Profit – $0.20 per TH per day
  • Time to Payoff – 225 Days!!!

OK, great, I bought a few and got them running. All came up fine but I knew I could squeeze out more. I started looking at available firmware options, which surprisingly there were many. I ultimately decided on several to try; Hiveon, Braiins, Awesome miner, and Asic.to (don’t hate me for missing one of the many others…)

Each had their own unique challenges, whether is was the basic install, having the system properly recognize the hash boards, or the ease of tuning the hash boards to maximize my efficiency.

At the end of the day I went with Braiins. The reason for this was many fold, a great interface, awesome tuning, and easy to use. All things being equal each was easily enough installed, and all cost about the same in dev fees, but the features and performance from Braiins won the day.

I put the process I went through in a quick video, including the quirks that each firmware presents.

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