Common Tools and Equipment


Common tools and equipment to help you with your mining operation.

Soldering Station

FEITA 8586 SMD Hot Air Rework Station 

Magnifier Light

Magnifying Glass with Light and Stand,3 Color Modes Stepless Dimmable

Pickit3 Programmer

MPLAB PICkit 3 PIC Microcontroller Chip in-Circuit Debugger Programmer

whole panel surge protection – EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection 3rd Edition

Universally connects to any manufacturer’s load center (breaker box). Quick connect design—easy to mount telephone and cable protection modules. LED status indication. Type 2 AC Power protection. Indoor/Outdoor.120/240V Surge Protective Device. 108kA/Phase, UL 1449.

Sense Energy Remote Monitoring

Have a subpanel for your miners? Install one of these so you can constantly monitor their usage and know when the power drops off or help determine power usage for tax season!

120V/240V Plug in Watt Meter

A plug in watt meter to check your current draw. Site say it works on 120V and 240V.

120V/240V Plug in Surge Protector

220V/240V Surge Protector, Voltage Protector For Home Appliance, Plug In Voltage Brownout Outlet Wall Mount, US/SPAIN Plug, Power Suppressor, 4400WATTS 20A

120V/240V 3-outlet power strip

Power Strip, Surge Protector with 3 Universal AC Outlets and 3 USB Ports, 110V-250V Socket Board Individual on/Off Switches, 3000W/16A, 1600Joules, 6.6ft Power Extension Cord for Home Office.

120V/240V 6-15P Plug Adapter

This adapter allows you to use various power cords in a standard 240V power outlet. I’ve used this to use a standard computer power cord (5-15P) with my 240V miners. You can also cut the cord and install a new 6-15P cord adapter, which I would do first, however this method is basically the same. 

**CAUTION** You have to be aware that you are still dealing with 240V so only plug in 240V items.

120V/240V Step up/down Transformer

Need to run a 240V machine on 120V? This is a must have. I use one when I’m working on L3’s and they can run a Z11/Z15 off one as well. The 2000W model will handle around ~1500W constant load from what I’ve seen and it does trip right around 2000W.

240V 20A Monitored Power Distribution Unit

This PDU allows you to remotely turn your miners on and off. 20A is good for up to 4 L3+ or a single S19, L7, or a total wattage of ~3800W.

240V 30A Monitored Power Distribution Unit

This PDU allows you to remotely turn your miners on and off. 30A is good for up to 6 L3+ or a single (possibly two depending on OC settings) S19, L7, or a total wattage of ~5800W.

250V/15A NEMA Power Cord FOR PDU’s

This is a C14-C13 250V 15A rated cord for use with PDU’s.

250V/15A NEMA Power Cord

This is a 6-15P 250V 15A rated cord.

250V/20A NEMA Power Cord

This is a 6-20P 250V 20A rated cord.