Antminer L3+ Common Spare Parts

L3+ Hash Board

Common spare parts and where to find them!

Power Header

These are Molex 0.156″ 2×3 right angle sockets, Molex 39-30-1060.

14.2V External Booster

 In the end of the day it’s best to repair with an external booster circuits. Ebay also has several boost circuits to choose from. (* NOTE – Some users have experienced the buck converter frying on the MT3608 external board when setting the voltage. Per the manufacturer, before applying power for the first time, turn the output voltage adjustment screw 20 full turns counter clockwise (CCW). If you don’t do this there’s a good chance the module will be damaged when power is applied.)

TMP451 Temperature Sensor

U87 (U88 on V1.6) is a T451/TMP451 temperature sensor.

16LF1704 PIC

U3 (U74 on V1.6) is a 16LF1704/5 8-bit microcontroller PIC.

BM1485 Bitmain ASIC

There are a total of 72 BM1485 ASIC’s on-board the L3+ hash board. Check out eBay for this item.

1.8V LDO (Voltage Regulator)

Version 1.5 and earlier hash boards use SPX5205M5-L-1-8 1.8V voltage regulator (pkg SOT23-5) 

Version 1.6 hash board use LN1134A182MR 1.8V voltage regulators (pkg SOT23-5L)

Some versions of the hash board have also used the SGM2202-1.8 (pkg SOT23-5.)

10V Buck Controller

Hash board versions earlier than 1.5 used a LM27402 synchronous buck controller and on versions 1.5 and later it is a uP9305W synchronous buck controller

NPN Transistor

Q10 is a MMBT3904 NPN general purpose amplifier.


Three of the THPR9003NL MOSFET N-Channel Switching Regulator is used to regulate the 10V Buck Controller output.

L3+ Control Board

Common spare parts and where to find them!

Data I/O Cables

Data cables used to connect the I/O board to the hash board.

Power Connector

2×3 Male Socket power connector.

Data Connectors

Control board data connectors for ribbon cable attachment to the hash board.

Replacement Control Board

Sometimes it’s just easiest to replace the whole thing.

L3+ Unit Spare Parts

Spares for the unit as a whole

12V Fan

Bitmain replacement fan (OEM or equivalent.)

Fan 4″ (120mm) Duct / Shroud

This 4″/120mm shroud attaches with your fan’s machine screws to allow you to attach 4″ flexible ducting to run the air through.

240V/15A Power Cord

NEMA 6-15P – Rated up to 15A 250V compatible with the APW7 and APW3+ as well as other power supplies that require 240V.

240V/15A Power Cord Splitter

2FT Power Splitter Cable – C14 to 2X C13 NEMA 15A 300v 14AWG allows you to run two power supplies off one power cord..

APW7 Power Supply

The APW7 is an upgraded version of the APW3+ and supports 120V and 240V.