No chips, no temp, no hash, no problem!

Hey all,

How many times have you seen a post by someone that has a hash board that doesn’t recognize all the ASICs on board, has no temperature reading, and isn’t hashing or the hash rate starts then rolls down to zero?

Well, I’ve seen it a lot, and now just experienced the fun. I had an L3+ hash board I bought on Ebay that was a “FOR PARTS ONLY” so I took that as a challenge. When I first plugged it in it actually worked properly, so much so that I installed it into one of my L3+ units thinking I just hit the gold mine. Well, as soon as I put it in it started having issues; all ASICs found but no hashing, 56 ASICs found the next time, then 0, and so on.

I followed a few simple steps to work through the problem and viola, within 15 minutes I narrowed the problem down to one of the LDO’s that was failing. Using a heat gun I removed the part, replaced it with a similar part (LN1134), a little solder paste and a little heat and that bad boy mounted right down. I find with these smaller parts it’s easier to use solder paste, smear a little on to the pads, the heat gun will reflow it and pull the part on to the pads fairly well.

I put a quick video together to show the process of finding the failure, as always love the feedback and any experiences similar or not.

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